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Different Ways to Translate Nice to Meet You to French

Some think that learning French is as magical and delightful as using it in a conversation. However, many aspects make the studying process quite challenging. Even such a simple phrase as “nice to meet you” has many nuances in terms of translation. Some of them are appropriate to use only in informal situations.You might have heard about the way the French people react to tourists “butchering” their language. These are not just rumors. It is easy to get into an uncomfortable situation when you misuse some of the common expressions. Therefore, we suggest you look through the possible way of translating this phrase in French and the situations when you can use them correctly.


It is probably the most popular way to say “nice to meet you” among the French people. Its literal translation is “I’m delighted”. The two forms – masculine and feminine – are pronounced the same so you don’t need to worry about that. You can use this form whenever you are happy to be introduced to someone. There are no restrictions in terms of the formality of the situation.

Ravi(e) de faire ta/votre connaissance

It translates as “Pleased to make your acquaintance”. It is a formal version of the expression and can be used during business meetings or formal encounters. Note that the phrase can also be used to say goodbye after a meeting to express that you had a wonderful time. One more form of a similar greeting with the same meaning is Ravi(e) de te/vous rencontrer. The expression has no double meaning and is easy to remember.

Many ways to say you are pleased to meet someone

You are welcome to use the following expressions in all kinds of formal situations as well. All of the forms include the word ‘pleasure’ and imply that you were pleased to make the acquaintance:

  • C’est un plaisir de te/vous rencontrer

  • C’est un plaisir de faire ta/votre connaissance

  • Heureux(se) de faire ta/votre connaissance

On m’a beaucoup parlé de vous

The expression translates as “I’ve heard a lot about you”. One more way of saying a compliment would be: On m’a tellement parler de vous, which translates as “they have told me a lot about you”. Use it whenever you want your acquaintance to begin with a compliment. Just make sure it is appropriate to use. If you do not have any mutual friends with the person you’ve just met, maybe go for another way of saying “nice to meet you”. Luckily, you have plenty of options by now.

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Now that you know all the popular ways to express the pleasure of meeting new people, you might consider the possibilities of making your conversation exciting as well. To do that, you need to broaden your vocabulary and pay close attention to the grammar rules. If you encounter any difficulties during translating content to French, let our talented team assist you. You can easily fill out an order form and get immediate attention from our translators. We have many French native speakers to make every sentence sound natural. You’ve probably seen many movies and TV series where tourists from different countries have made fools of themselves trying to sound natural when speaking this melodic language. However, you should not be afraid of making mistakes while you are learning French. It is impossible to improve your skills unless you practice. So, do not mind the edgy comments from the native speakers. Most probably, they do not speak any other language except for their native tongue. Be proud of yourself and continue getting closer to your goal. Our company is always here to help you do it.