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Hindi Phrases: How to Sound Like a Local

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Hindi is one of the most-spoken languages in the world. If you are looking for some business opportunities or just want to visit the beautiful country of India, these phrases will come in hand. Locals always appreciate foreigners taking the effort of learning even a few expressions. When meeting with business partners, it is always a good sign of respect to learn basic Hindi phrases. As soon as you start learning Hindi, you will dive deep into the culture that is very different from the western one. Enjoy the new discoveries and open a whole new understanding of the world around you. To start your journey, check out these categories of Hindi expressions.

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  1. Basic Hindi
  2. Advanced Hindi Phrases
  3. Essentials for Tourists

hindi phrases

1. Basic Hindi Phrases

Hello.नमस्ते (namaste)
How are you?आप कैसे हैं? (āp kaise haiṅ?)
Pleased to meet you.आप से मिलकर ख़ुशी हुई (āp se milkar khushī huī)
Have a nice day!आप का दिन अच्छा बीते! (āp kā din acchā bīte!)
Excuse me.क्षमा कीजिए! (kṣama kījie)
Thank you.धन्यवाद (dhanyavād)

2. Advanced Hindi Phrases

Hey! Friend!अरे, दोस्त! ( arrey, dost)
I missed you so much!मुझे आपकी बहुत याद आयी। (mujhey aapkee bahut yaad aaee)
You’re very kind!आप बहुत दयालू हैं (aap bahut dayaloo hain)
I work as a (translator/ businessman)मेरा अपना व्यापार है (mera apnaa vyaapaar hai)
I will be right back!मैं तुरंत लौट के आऊँगा-आऊँगी (mein turant laut key aaoongaa)

Phrases to use when you are angry:

Go away!मुझे अकेला छोड़ दो! (mujhe akela chod do)
Leave me alone! मुझे अकेला छोड़ दो! (mujhe akelā choḍ do)

3. Essentials for Tourists

Can you help me?क्या आप मेरी मदद कर सकते हैं (kya aap meri madad kar saktey hain)
I’m lost.हम खो गये हैं (hum kho gaye hain)
How much is this?कितने का है? (kitane kā hai?)
Where’s the toilet?टॉयलेट कहाँ हैं (tāyalet kahāṁ haiṅ?)

To be continued…