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If you’re a marketer who needs reliable translation services, you should be aware of some important tips and tricks on how to achieve the best possible results. Your final goal is to receive a text that is appealing and comprehensive for the target audience. It means that you (or your translator) need to have a clear understanding of that audience and be familiar with the local culture and traditions to succeed with the translation of marketing content.

translation of marketing content

Before we go any further there are two things you need to keep in mind about the translation of marketing content. There’s a common misconception about native speakers being excellent translators. If your colleague speaks Japanese and you ask him or her to translate a marketing copy, it doesn’t guarantee you any successful outcome. A good translator should possess some specific skills for your copy to be as witty and catchy in Japanese as it is in English.

Another point is that translation agencies have more benefits than freelance translators. You can turn to them anytime you need and be sure to get the work done by the required deadline. One more advantage of agencies is that they definitely have professional employees and you can count on an accurate and consistent translation of marketing content. Let’s get back to the tips we’ve promised to give you.

1. Minor Changes

Using Appropriate Vocabulary

No matter how good your text might be, translating it into a foreign language can spoil everything. You need to use appropriate regional vocabulary to speak the same language your target audience does. It is an obvious sign of your respect and care. Some businesses choose to rely on free and automated translation services and get into unpleasant situations. Your advertising shouldn’t be offensive or have multiple ways of interpretation that contradict each other. Don’t forget to indicate the tone and style of your text – formal or informal – to set a specific task for a translator. Therefore, only a professional who knows the specific terminology of the region will be able to communicate the right message to your prospective customers. That’s an effective way of making a proper translation of marketing content.

Taking Your Time

The natural desire of any entrepreneur is to get everything done everything quickly and flawlessly. But every entrepreneur knows that it’s impossible. We are talking about the situations when the final result depends on the time-management skills of several members of your team. That’s why you have to be prepared to spend as much time as you need on developing a decent translation. Choose your translator wisely and don’t fall for low prices and extremely fast deadlines. Plan your budget and pick the professional who won’t disappoint you.

Reviewing Translation Drafts

Leaving a translator one-on-one with your text and waiting for the final result is not the best strategy to use. Review the progress of work during its early stages to make the necessary alterations and give instructions. If your translator misunderstood something, you’ll be able to change that and save a lot of time on numerous revisions afterward.

2. Dramatic Changes

Changing Your Slogan

Be prepared to make some drastic changes to translate your slogan into a foreign language. The most important thing is to communicate the initial message. If you have to use completely different words in the target language to achieve this goal, so be it. Therefore, listen carefully to the recommendations of your translator and follow his or her guidelines.

Changing You Brand’s Name


Yes, you might have to do it. If the name of your company or brand has some potentially negative connotations within a foreign cultural environment, it’s better to change it as well. Do your research and find out about all of the possible fails early in the process. Probably, it will be a difficult decision to make but it’s worth trying when the stakes are this high.

3. General Tips

Being Consistent with Translation of Marketing Content

The SMM specialists come and go but the messages they communicate stay forever. There is a big issue regarding the consistency of the messages your band is sending. It is not good for a brand’s positioning to change positions and opinions all of a sudden. If you hire a new member of your team, you have to give specific instructions to them. Explain where your company stands and what points reflect its moral compass. There are companies that help you maintain the consistency and you might consider using them.

Cooperating with Region-Specific Agencies

It is always better to get in touch with people who know the cultural and behavioral aspects of a particular region. Obviously, thousands of local advertising agencies will be glad to assist you with creating an appealing and engaging campaign. Even if you hire an experienced translator, you might not find the perfect slogan of communication channel for your target audience.

Using Metaphors, Puns, Idioms

As soon as you decide to conquer a foreign market with your awesome products or services, you will need to think about the tone of communication you’ll choose. It is a well-known fact that people memorize the ad messages if there is a metaphor or witty pun. If you think that using these literary tools is appropriate for your brand, make sure to discuss this option with your translator. However, do not turn it into some kind of strange absurd. Make it relevant and memorable but don’t overdo it.

Asking Transcreators for Help

When you enter a new market, you might need some help from a person who is a translator and a talented copywriter. Yes, they actually exist. This is a professional translator who knows all the aspects of local advertising and content creation. You can ask for their tips on the approach used in your marketing campaigns and wording. Some of transcreators work as freelancers, others have a job at an advertising agency. Therefore, it will be easy to find a professional.

If you need some professional help to make your marketing texts stand out and be appealing to your international consumers, you’re welcome to use this translation service. We are always ready to assist you!