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Polish Phrases: How to Sound Like a Local

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Poland is a fast developing European country that has proven to be quite effective in creating new successful businesses. It is a great place for any entrepreneur to consider when looking for a good investment opportunity. Besides its economic attractiveness, Poland has a lot to offer culture-wise. The beautiful churches and old narrow streets of the old towns like Wroclaw, Krakow, Warsaw will charm every tourist who visits Poland. To feel more comfortable, you can learn some of the Polish phrases. The Polish language is not that easy to learn but will help you impress the locals or your future business partners.

polish phrases

1. Basic Polish Phrases

Good morning.Dzień dobry.
How are you? Jak się masz?
Pleased to meet you. Bardzo mi miło.
I don’t know.Nie wiem.
Have a nice day!Miłego dnia!
Thank you.Serdecznie dziękuję.

2. Advanced Polish Phrases

Could you help me, please?Czy możesz mi pomóc?
Let’s go to the movies.Chodźmy do kina.
You look hot!Wyglądasz super!
It’s too late to do anything about it. – Juź po ptakah.
Without a doubt.Bez dwóch zdań.

Phrases to use when you are angry:

Leave me alone!Zostaw mnie w spokoju!
Don’t even try.Nawet nie próbuj.
Get lost!Wypchać się sianem!
Are you serious?Bez kitu?

3. Essentials for Tourists

What time is the checkout?/What time do I have to leave the room?
O której godzinie muszę zwolnić pokój?
Do you accept credit cards?Akceptujecie karty kredytowe?
Can we go inside?Czy możemy wejść do środka?
Can I take photographs here?Czy mogę tu robić zdjęcia?
Where is the nearest supermarket?Gdzie jest najbliższy supermarket/sklep spożywczy?

4. Polish Idioms

To fool or deceive someone. – Wpuścić w maliny; wpuścić w kanał; wystawić do wiatru.
I’m attracted to you/I have a crush on you.Czuję do Ciebie miętę.
To move/run away, disappear.Uciekać gdzie pieprz rośnie.
To be talking nonsense.Co ma piernik do wiatraka.
It is also used to point out to a conversation partner that a particular situation has nothing to do with another one, even though it might seem otherwise.
To be in a pet/out of sorts.Być nie w sosie.
Something is really boring or annoying.Nudne jak flaki z olejem.

It’s too late now.Po ptakach.
It’s not worth it.Szkoda czasu i atłasu.
I’m not going to make it (when there’s too much to do).Być w proszku.
He’s crazy.On ma kuku na muniu.
Break a leg! (to actors, one never wishes luck, but always says break a leg)Połamania nóg!

Something bad, unworthy.Do bani/Do chrzanu.
To be too persistent with your requirements, asking for help.
Wiercić komuś dziurę w brzuchu.
Something is worthless, unsuitable (e.g when a person lacks skills to do a job properly). – Jak z koziej dupy trąba.
Easy peasy.Bułka z masłem.

5. Polish Funny Sayings

Not my circus, not my monkeys.Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy.
When you want to say that something is not your problem.
Don’t teach your grandmother how to suck eggs.Nie ucz ojca dzieci robić.
When someone gives you an unnecessary piece of advice.
Don’t call the wolf from the forest.Nie wywołuj wilka z lasu.
Don’t mess around with your fate.

To be continued…