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  1. Quick Facts
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I’ve met a lot of people who think that the German language is all about long unpronounceable words and confusing rules of using definite and indefinite articles. There’s much more to it. Germans are having fun writing seemingly endless sentences and communicating by using numerous dialects.  The infographic below will show you some interesting facts about this beautiful language.

1. Quick Facts:

  • The recorded history of German language begins in the 1st century BC.
  • It is considered to be the most similar language to English.
  • German and French were voted to be the best languages to learn for the graduates to find a job.
  • It is the second most commonly used language in scientific terms.

German Words without English Translation Equivalents:

  • Kummerspeck: excess weight gained from emotional overeating
  • Torschlusspanik: the fear, usually as one gets older, that time is running out and important opportunities are slipping away
  • Treppenwitz: the things you should have said but only occur to you when it is too late
  • Erklärungsnot: the state of having to quickly explain yourself

The longest officially registered German word is KRAFTFAHRZEUG-HAFTPFLICHTVERSICHERUNG (vehicle liability insurance)

The word “Bitte” can mean 3 things: “Please“, “Pardon” and “Here you go“.

Germans are very polite. Here are some ways of expressing your anger:

  • Geh mir aus den Augen! – Get out of my sight!
  • Lass mich in Ruh! – Don’t bother me anymore!

2. The German Language Infographic

not boring german language

Know more facts you’d like to share with us? Please, use the comments section to express yourself. Maybe you’ll find new aficionados of this language using this blog. If you need German translation help, you know where to find us. We have experienced translators and a lot of time to assist you.