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Ukrainian Phrases: How to Sound Like a Local

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  1. Basic Ukrainian Phrases
  2. Advanced Ukrainian Phrases
  3. Essentials for Tourists

Ukraine is on its way to establishing true democracy, improving the business environment, and conquering the corruption issues. Many entrepreneurs start looking for business opportunities there as the production and labor costs are more attractive than those elsewhere in Europe. Learning some of the interesting local Ukrainian phrases won’t hurt if you want to impress your business partners or new friends. The Ukrainian language is very musical but hard to learn. the foreigners often think that Russian and Ukrainian are the same languages with some minor differences. In reality, there are more differences than one may think. The locals will appreciate your efforts in trying to speak their language.

ukrainian phrases

1. Basic Ukrainian Phrases

Hello.Привіт. (Pryvit.)
Pleased to meet you.Дуже приємно познайомитися. (Duzhe pryjemno poznajomytysja.)
Nice to meet you too.Навзаєм. (Navzaem.)
I like it here.Мені тут подобається. (Meni tut podobaetsja.)
Where are you from?А ти звідки? (Ah ty zvidky?)

2. Advanced Ukrainian Phrases

That’s awesome!Це круть! (Tse krut’!)
That’s a cool T-shirt you’re wearing.Нічогенька така в тебе футболка. (Nichogen’ka taka v tebe futbolka.)
The best looking girls live in Ukraine.Найкрасивіші дівчата живуть в Україні. (Najkrasyvishi divchata zhivut’ v Ukraini.)
I’ll definitely come here again.Я обов’язково сюди повернуся. (Ja obovjazkovo sjudy povernusja.)

Phrases to use when you are angry:

Get away from me!Йди геть звідси! (Jdy get’ zvidsy!)
I don’t want to talk to you anymore.Я більше не хочу з тобою говорити. (Ja bil’she ne khochu z toboju govoryty.)
Stop bothering me!Досить мені надокучати! (Dosyt’ meni nadokuchaty!)

3. Essentials for Tourists

Where is the nearest bus stop?Де тут найближча автобусна зупинка? (De tut najblyzhcha avtobusna zupynka?)
How do I get to..?Як мені дістатися до (Jak meni distatysja do..?)
Is there a good restaurant nearby?Де тут поряд гарний ресторан?
(De tut porjad garnij restoran?)
AirportАеропорт (aeroport)
Railway stationВокзал (vokzal)
SubwayМетро (metro)
HospitalЛікарня (likarnja)
Car rentalПрокат авто (prokat avto)

To be continued…