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French Phrases: How to Sound Like a Local

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  1. Basic French Phrases
  2. Advanced French Phrases
  3. Phrases for Traveling

French is such a beautiful language that it would be a crime not to learn some of the common phrases. The locals are famous for not speaking any other language and not being able to help a poor tourist out in a confusing situation. If you are planning to have a trip to France in the nearest future, here’s the collection of some helpful French phrases you can use to impress the locals.

french phrases

1. Basic French Phrases

Bonjour.Hello/Good morning/afternoon.
Bonsoir.Hello/Good evening.
Merci.Thank you.
S’il vous plaît.Please.
Iln’y a pas de quoi.You’re welcome.
Au revoir. – Goodbye.
Excusez-moi.Excuse me.

2. Advanced French Phrases

Faire gaffe! Be careful!
Ca envoie du pâté!It’s perfect!
C’est trop bien!It’s so cool!
Sans déc!No way!
Laisse tomber.Let it go/Forget about it.
Avoir le seum.I’m pissed.

Phrases to use when you are angry:

Occupe-toi de tes oignons.Mind your own business.
Va te faire cuire un œuf.Get lost.
Raconter des salades.To tell lies.
Ne pas avoir inventé le fil à couper le beurre. Suggesting someone is dumb.
La moutarde me monte au nez.To get annoyed.

3. Phrases for Traveling

Je cherche le bus/train/métro. Où est l’arrêt le plus près?I am looking for the bus/train/subway. Where is the nearest stop?
Je voudrais acheter un billet aller simple/aller-retour pour Paris.I would like to purchase a one-way ticket/a round-trip ticket.
À quelle heure est-ce qu’il faut régler la note? What is the check-out time?
L’addition, s’il vous plaît.The bill, please.

To be continued…