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Urdu Phrases: How to Sound Like a Local

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  1. Basic Urdu Phrases
  2. Advanced Urdu Phrases
  3. Essentials for Tourists

Urdu might be one of those languages you have never heard about until now. If you have never visited Pakistan and one of the 6 states in India, the chances are you are not familiar with it. Nevertheless, over 100 million people speak Urdu. It is rather difficult to learn but you might try to do it. If you are a translator, there will not be much a competition for you. And in case you are an entrepreneur looking for business partners who speak Urdu, this is a great opportunity to impress them with your knowledge. If you are a tourist and plan to go on an exciting journey, these Urdu phrases will make you sound like a local. Just be careful with formal and informal verb forms as they are a big deal when it comes to paying your respect to the locals.

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1. Basic Urdu Phrases

Hello.السلام علیکم (āssālam ‘alaykum)
How are you?كيا حال ہے (kya haal hai)
Pleased to meet you.آپ سَے ملکر خوشی ہوًی! (ap se milker khushi huwi!)
Good luck!اللہ کا فضل ہو! (allah ka fazal ho)
Have a nice day!آپ کا دن اچھا گزرے (ap ka din acha guzrae)
Excuse me.معزرت! (ma’zarat)
Thank you.شكريه (shukriya)

2. Advanced Urdu Phrases

Hey! Friend!!دوست سنو (dost suno!)
I missed you so much!!مجھے آپکی بہت کمی محسوس ہوی (mujhe aap ki bahut kami mehsoos huwi!)
What’s new? کوی نًی خبر؟ (koi nai khabar? )
I work as a (translator/ businessman) میںمترجم /تاجر ہوں (mein mutarjim/tajir hoon)
I’d like to visit Pakistan one day.میں ایک دن پاکستان جانا چاہتاہوں (mai eik din pakistan jana chahta hun)

Phrases to use when you are angry:

Leave me alone!مہجۓ اکیلہ چھوڈ دو (mujhae akela chore do)
Help! مدد (madad)
I don’t Understand! !میں سمجھا نہیں (main samjah nahi!)

3. Essentials for Tourists

How much is this? یہ کِتنےکاہے؟ (yeh kitne ka hai?)
Where’s the toilet? بيت الخلا خانہ کہا ںہے؟ (bayt-ul-khala khana kahan hay?)
Can you help me?کیا آپ میرئ مدد کر سَکتےہیں؟ (kya aap meri madat kar sakte hain?)
Pakistan is a wonderful country پاکستان بہت اچھا ملک ہے (Pakistan bahut achchha mulk hai)

To be continued…