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How Machine Translation Can Harm and Help Your Business

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There’s no doubt that if we compare the quality of today’s machine translation and the one of a few years ago, there will be a dramatic difference between them. The earlier versions of machine translation tools were too inaccurate and delivered unsatisfactory results. The best they could do is to translate your text word by word without paying any attention to the context or its topic. It is a computer trying to understand human language, after all. But can the machine translation be useful for your business now?

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Google Translate: Strengths and Weaknesses

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Everybody who needs to translate a document or any other piece of text will come across a dilemma of whether to find a translator or use a machine to cope with this task. There are a lot of online translation tools you can use and it seems pretty reasonable to save your money and avoid turning to a professional translator. But is it really true in all of the cases? What those disadvantages online translation tools have? Will it ever become possible for a machine to replace a human being in the field of translation? Such a scenario is highly improbable to happen anytime soon. Even Google Translate can’t help it.

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