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It is often not the lack of time or the impossibility to take a week off from work that holds us back from traveling. The high probability of exceeding one’s budget after coming back home brings all the motivation and excitement down. The psychological effect of any trip may be quite dangerous. The feeling of finally going on vacation makes you believe that you’ve deserved that expensive souvenir and have the right for that over-the-budget dinner in a famous restaurant. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a nice dinner and comfortable hotel room. But you need to have a total control over your expenses not to spoil the positive impression of the trip afterward. That’s why there is such a great variety of travel budget apps.

For those tourists who don’t want to spend more than they’ve planned while traveling around the world, here’s a list of all kinds of apps that can help.


Trail Wallet (iOS)

trail wallet screenshot 1trail wallet screenshot 2

Using this app, you can plan your daily budget while traveling. Set a specific amount of money you are ready to spend every day of the trip and be in control of your expenses. You can add every purchase you make by pressing a plus sign button on your screen. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any additional efforts.

TrabeePocket: Travel Expense (iOS, Android)

trabeepocket screenshot 1trabeepocket screenshot 2

The difficulty you may come across when using a travel app is converting the local currency into U.S. dollars to find out how much have you spent. With TrabeePocket you can switch the currencies and keep things under control. One more convenient option this app has is the categorization of the purchase types. You can then on what kind of products or services have you spent most of your money. If you are one of those geeky types of people, you might want to export the data to Excel and play with numbers. This is one of a view travel budget apps that allows you to do so.

TripBudget (Android)

The app can not boast a user-friendly design but can cope with the basic tasks. You can plan the budget for a trip and even make several versions of it. Then, you switch to spending mode and note down the actual expenses. You can analyze your estimated budget and compare it to the planned one.

Trip Splitter (iOS)


So far, we’ve been reviewing the apps which are helpful for solo travelers mostly. But what about the times when you are traveling in a group? There is this eternal problem of splitting the costs and there is an app that can solve it for us. Every trip member has his own color button and you simply indicate his/her expenses. You can create several trips simultaneously and keep track of all of them. It’s very helpful while having excursions and small trips within your big journey.

KAYAK (iOS, Android)

8travel budget apps

Now it’s time to talk about saving money before the trip takes place. The planning stage can bring a lot of surprises with hotel prices being not that cheap as you’ve expected. Finding a good deal of the flight tickets and hotels is quite a challenge but this app can make the task easier. It searches hundreds of sites to find the best deal for you. You can compare the rates and choose the best option for your trip.


Travel Budget App (iOS)


This is a universal app that allows you to keep track of you personal and business travel expenses. You can switch one currency to another, indicate the location where you’ve made a purchase, specify the category it belongs to (gifts, meals, shopping), and even upload the photos of receipts and other images. For example, if you someday need a justification for spending too much money on a fancy dinner at a restaurant, take a photo of the place to remind yourself of the cozy and relaxing atmosphere and the feeling of happiness you had.

Concur (iOS, Android)


This app is perfect for business trips. If you are lucky to work for the company that reimburses you for the travel expenses, you might need a tool to help you keep track of them. It’s more convenient that collecting the receipts and making a report on your own. Concur let you upload the reports for your boss to see them.

Trip Boss (iOS)


There are ambiguous reviews on this app and some people find it difficult to use. Initially, it was designed for business travelers. It can track the expenses, calculate tips and meal cost splits, convert currencies, etc. But there are some drawbacks that make this app not that convenient. There is no easy way of setting a single currency for the entire trip, for example. But small defects like this one don’t have a huge impact on the usability, you can find a lot of benefits of this app as well.

In Conclusion

We always expect every trip to bring us new positive emotions, knowledge, and energy. For many of us, every journey turns into an opportunity to freshen the mind and get motivation for the future achievements. Don’t let the money issues spoil the vacation and deprive you of that range of emotions a new place can bring us. Overplanning is not always the best way to make your trip flawless. You just have to learn how not to pay the attention to little misfortunes and concentrate on the big picture.