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Translation Fails in Global Marketing Campaigns

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One of the biggest misconceptions of a global advertising campaign is that if it was successful on one particular market, it will also work for the rest of the world. The cultural differences and the preferences of international target audiences may differ a lot. But it is the words a marketer uses that matter the most. If one decides to choose a word-for-word translation, the campaign is doomed because of the translation fails.

The more time you dedicate to make sure every word is on its place and the message you want to communicate is accurately translated the better results you will get. Consult with the local office and let them express their opinion. Does your slogan fit in the perception of the brand people have? Never underestimate the importance of the right message as in the end it is the key factor for a consumer to choose your brand.

Being Funny Can Lead to Translation Fails

Just take a look at these examples of marketing campaigns that didn’t go well. Someone spent a lot of money on them and received very disappointing results. Let these translation fails be a lesson for every marketing specialist out there. Hire professional translations to avoid awkward situations. Don’t let your brand be associated with strange slogans and frustrating tag lines. Even though most of these mistranslations are funny, it is not always good for a brand image to be associated¬†with humor. Especially if you are representing a bank or hospital.

Speaking of humor, if you intend for a slogan to include a pun and be funny, make sure it really is in the target language. That is something a professional translator can help you with and find the right words to communicate the message.  Enjoy the inforgraphic below and learn from the mistakes others made in the past.